Full Circle Dinner 2021

04/12/2021 05:00 PM - 09:00 PM CST


*Please note!

The new event date is: April 12, 2021

Click Here for Bios on all of our Talented Local Chefs!


Seagar’s COVID-19 Safety & Sanitation Procedures: 


  • Social Distancing: All team members are required to practice social distancing and keep a 6-foot distance.
  • Health Screens: All team members are required to conduct self-health checks before coming to work. Once they arrive at work, all team members will go through a health screen process with their manager.
  • Hygiene Practices: All team members must come to work with a clean and sanitized uniform, including their mask.
  • Cleaning Standards: All team members are required to consistently wash their hands throughout their shift and between changing their gloves. In addition, the entire restaurant must thoroughly clean throughout the evening and at the end of their shift. Seagar’s is also deep cleaned by our housekeeping department every morning.
    • Bathrooms: sanitized after each guest exits. We have a sign on the door stating if it has been sanitized.
    • Hand Sanitizer: we have sanitizer throughout the restaurant for team members and guest to use.
  • Face Mask: All team members are required to wear face mask at all times. As of July 28th, all Hilton Sandestin Guest are required to wear face mask in all indoor public areas of our hotel. Once they are seated at the restaurant, they are allowed to remove their mask.
  • Gloves: All team members are required to wear gloves at all times. Any time the remove any item from a table, they are required to change their gloves and wash their hands.
  • Table Set: All linen is cleaned and sanitized and placed on the table by a team member wearing gloves. All chairs are cleaned and sanitized after each guest. The only thing preset on the tables is the glass candle, Salt and Pepper, Charges, which are all cleaned and sanitized after each guest.
    • Water: Each table will receive their own cleaned and sanitized glass water for their table.
    • Glasses: If a guest request another drink, a clean glass will be brought to the table. We do NOT refill any used glass.
    • Silverware: Nothing is preset or exposed. It will be brought with each course.
  • Seating Spacing: All tables/ chair sets will have six feet of space between them to allow for proper social distancing.

**Additional information on Hilton Sandestin COVID Procedures found HERE




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